Significant Grant from PACE Funders


Amount: $50,000

This program with my organization, Neighborly Faith, will mobilize young Evangelical leaders on college campuses to address systemic fear and bigotry toward Muslims and to introduce plural and inclusive democratic values.

ACPA Research Grant


Amount: $700

I will investigate and publish a journal manuscript on the appreciative attitudes towards trans/NB people of cisgender first-year students who participated in the Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS) and host a half-day symposium at a large public university that centers on disseminating findings to strategically-selected attendees from across the North Carolina Research Triangle.

NASPA Outstanding Research Award

November 2018

"Public scholarship is an up-and-coming interest for many scholars and practitioners, and Kevin is blazing a trail. His work has shown that there is a bright future in academia for those who seek to translate their research into public good. His work has also ushered worldview diversity and interfaith issues to the front pages of some of the most widely-read online publications, with hope that worldview diversity will no longer be forgotten or underappreciated by diversity experts working in higher education."

Significant Grant from Interfaith Youth Core

November 2018

Amount: $25,000

The most prolific interfaith organization in American higher education gave Neighborly Faith, the organization I co-direct, a significant grant to organize a conference for evangelical students centering on religious diversity.

Significant Grant from Islamic Relief USA

November 2018

Amount: $25,000

One of America's largest Muslim civic organizations, Islamic Relief USA, gave Neighborly Faith a significant grant to fund a fellowship program for evangelical students to combat Islamophobia and champion Christ-like engagement with Muslims. The program will provide students with mentorship, access to experts, a retreat, professional development opportunities, and up to $1500 in seed money to launch an initiative on their campus.

Research Grant from the Association of Christians in Student Development (ACSD)


Amount: $340

Used toward a qualitative study, "A Case Study of the Center for Christianity and Scholarship at Duke University." Despite Christian Study Centers being active on over two dozen campuses, their influence on students' development has never been investigated. This study will break ground on a robust tradition of Christian intellectual life that has been flying under the radar in American higher education for decades.

Nominations for Outstanding Faculty Member

2012 & 2014

Each year, students at the College of DuPage are given the opportunity to nominate a full-time and part-time faculty member for the Outstanding Faculty Member award. In 2012 and 2014, I was nominated for the part-time faculty member award by by students.

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